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Christopher Chown 

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Christopher Chown

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Hello, it is time to improve your English and I can help you. Learn from an experienced online teacher and make the most of this tough time. My name is Christopher, I am 34, and I am a native teacher from London. I have been living in Budapest for 6 years now, teaching many Hungarians from Levels A2-C2. During this time, I have been teaching every aspect of English from Conversational English, Business English, Exam Preparation, Proofreading, Copywriting, Presentation Overview and Interview Practice to ages ranging from 7 to 60. Are you having trouble expressing yourself in English? Not confident enough to speak English? Not sure how to use phrasal verbs? Not sure what to say in an interview? Don't know the difference between which prepositions to use? Not sure which word would be best to use in a presentation? Need something Proof Read? Need help with passing an exam? Then I can help you. My friendly and positive attitude combined with my skills and qualifications will not only make you feel comfortable, but motivate and push you to improve and turn your passive knowledge into active use. I can help you boost your confidence, knowledge and competitive edge so you can use your new-found knowledge and confidence to find more job opportunities, more travel opportunities, more school opportunities, and more opportunities to meet new friends or maybe the love of your life. All lessons will include conversational English because from my own personal experiences here in Budapest I have found out most people never spoke much English during school, so they struggle with the pronunciation of the words and are too shy to actually have a conversation. Most lessons are 60 minutes long, for optimal effectiveness. I recommend at least two sessions per week for effective progress, depending upon your needs and availability. I only know a little Hungarian so you will be forced to speak English, and with practice your English and confidence will be improved. I can guarantee I can improve these skills and will have you speaking like a British person in 12 months. All lessons will be created to what you want to achieve as your end result. I am very proud when someone wishes to learn English and I will help you to the best of my ability to improve your own English. I have my 150 hours TEFL UK English Masters Course qualification, Business Degree, Communications and Skills Certificate, and Business Psychology qualification. I have also taught in a Hungarian Summer camp in Budakeszi for ages 4-8, and the Hungarian gymnasium Gyermekek Háza for ages 8-11, as well as working with companies such as Magyar Telekom, OTP bank and the Hungarian F.A. Lessons can be held at your home, office, Discord (better than Skype), my home or a local establishment somewhere in the city. I look forward to working with you.

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Angol nyelv : 6000 Ft / óra

Egyéb nyelv:  Angol Nyelv Vizsgara (All English Exams)

Üzleti kommunikáció tantárgy : 6000 Ft / óra
Állásinterjú felkészítés tantárgy : 6000 Ft / óra
Ügyviteli Ismeretek tantárgy : 6000 Ft / óra

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