Kashi - California Native English Speaker 

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Kashi -  California Native English Speaker

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***NEW CLASS*** English As a Second Language Conversation Group This group will connect English language students with each other. It is targeted at students who want to improve their conversational English, including students, working professionals, experienced English speakers, ESL beginners and intermediates. Each student is placed in a group according to their skill level. The conversation group meets once a week for 50 min. Different topics will be introduced each week. Joining a conversation group will give you a positive challenge and push you to be fluent in English faster. *** Dear Students, I am a native English speaker from California and have been teaching English as a private tutor for over 10 years. I volunteer once a month for non-native English speakers at the community library and have worked as an English/Hindi translator for a small business company. I specialise in conversational English and focus primarily on pronunciation, vocabulary, communication and fluency. I emphasise learning new words and phrases in each lesson, tailored to each student's needs. I have a number of unique conversational topics that will not only make the lesson interesting but also improve your language skills greatly. Apart from teaching English, I work full time as a life coach. I have worked closely with business executives, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, both native and non-native English speakers. In order to assist you better, I offer free a 15 minute consultation via Skype to understand your goals, path, interests, needs, benefits and to answer any questions you have about taking an English course with me. We'll work out the areas that you would like to target and improve, and discuss suitable class options. I am currently available for evening classes (European time) with students who are at an intermediate or advanced level. Each lesson of my course is 50 minutes, done privately via Skype. You can contact me at kashi21079@gmail.com. Serious inquires only please. Best regards, Kashi Location: USA English proficiency: native speaker Languages: English, Hindi, German (learning) Individual lessons: 50 minutes / 3400 HUF Conversation group: 50 minutes / 3000 HUF

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Angol nyelv : 3400 Ft / óra

Egyéb nyelv:  English Conversation Group (3000 HUF / hour)

Vállal kezdő, Újrakezdő, középhaladó, haladó nyelvtudás szinteket.

Vállal felsőoktatási, munkavállalói iskolai szinteket.

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